I have always considered myself a very strong and independent woman that could meet any challenge I faced.  I was very proud of myself and then life happened....a death in the family, a divorce and loss of my job.  I knew that the strong person I had been was in there but the sadness crippled me and I was barely functioning and hiding behind my smile.  I stayed there for years, knowing I needed something to make me want to engage in life again, but what?  I found Julie Martin life coach and her programs that she has for getting your life back.  After finishing her coaching I once again felt empowered and ready to face life again.  Years of wallowing, feeling lost and not wanting to deal with day to day life melted away in only a few days.  Since finishing my sessions with Julie I have found my dream job, I did not settle for the first one to come along...and making more money too!  I am also making plans with friends again which I was avoiding before.  Julie truley brought me back to life, showed me my self worth again and I am forever grateful for  the beautiful  person she is! 


Here is an awesome story:  My husband and I were getting into a heated discussion on work stuff and he says "You need to Julie-Martin-enhance-your chi" and I said "What you mean" and he replied "Well, isn't that what you are learning from her?".


Dear Julie,  

I sought out your services when I was feeling really low and had very little self confidence or self love.  

Before working with you my biggest challenge was having confidence in myself, my knowledge and my abilities. 

After working with you I've gained more self confidence, I love myself and I am more positive. I am a happier person in general and stand up for myself!  A.R. (female)

I hired Julie because I needed to change my eating habits because of poor health; chronic Inflammation & Neuropathy plus High Blood Pressure and Diabetes (type 2).

I was having trouble breathing, getting out of bed, I was housebound. I needed natural foods to help reduce the inflammation.  My chronic cough has decreased.  My health has improved as long as I avoid Dairy products, Sugar, Sweeteners & Processed foods.  My body does not do well with preservatives. G.H. (male)